Message From Principal

A sense of deep respect and gratitude towards visionary Prof. Dr. Hermann Gmeiner overwhelms me whenever I reflect on the institution he's founded, whenever I find engrossed in my day to day activities and whenever I am representing our institution outside. Being a part of SOS is a reward in itself.

We at SOS, not only care about our core academic activities, our classrooms vibe with the joy of learning. We believe that a child must first enjoy his classroom then proceed to learn. Most of the our activities are centered on students' interest and joy.

We strive to make a better human out of every student. Hence, our students learn basics of human values: empathy, trust,loyalty and helpfulness. It gives me immense joy to mention here that we have team of teachers who contribute to the cause of SOS, some sponsoring entire educational expenses of needy students, and students who happily give up their 'vacation joys' to raise the fund to help a dwindling community primary school, providing them somtimes educational materials and sometimes other things of importance. The intiation taken by us has saved the very school from being merged to some other school by increasing enrollment by more than hundred percent. There is nothing more joy than to help those who are in need. These 'small' acts of caring undoubtedly will make them better human beings in the future. And this way we challange degradation of human values in our rapidly changing society.

Thanks a million to all of you.

Shashi Kumar Upadhaya
Act. Principal